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  1. Re: Roaming Access Numbers, GAIT, and Cingular
  2. Re: Motorola vs. LG, Getting what you pay for in wireless technology?
  3. Re: cingular at Berkeley area
  4. Re: Does anyone activate old bag phones?
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  6. Re: Cellular One Service
  7. Re: mA draw when making a call (Technical)
  8. Re: what is an SPCK code?
  9. Re: extra minutes
  10. Caller ID
  11. National Do-Not-Call registry accepts cell phone numbers
  12. News Article -- Nextel accused of stealing
  13. Re: Low cost Sat Phone? OR Cell YAGI??
  14. Re: Looking for Specific Headset
  15. Cellphone text messaging (SMS) in Philippines
  16. Panasonic cell phones are CRAP !!! (and dangerous too)
  17. Qwest Deal about to Happen
  18. A Test of Paying Attention Behind the Wheel
  19. Software per cellulari MobManager presto nel mio sito, su VolFTP e Tiscali DownLoad
  20. Virgin Mobile rollover policy?
  21. FA: New Nokia BLB-3 battery (6340i and other models)
  22. Re: Problems? Nextel's Moments of Truth
  23. ATTWS and Cingular in Mexico/Cancun
  24. Re: Samsung to develop dualmode CDMA-GSM handset
  25. Fraggle Rock Polyphonic
  26. Re: CallPlus Rate Change Question
  27. Master override unlock code?
  28. Cell phone modem
  29. Re: T610 sim free question
  30. Re: Re: Problems? Nextel's Moments of Truth
  31. Need "fixed station" cellular telephone
  32. Re: Re: Re: Problems? Nextel's Moments of Truth
  33. CallPlus Newbie
  34. Useful summary of North American frequencies and standards
  35. Can I sue?
  36. Re: Cell Tower
  37. Re: AT&T vs. Nextel vs. Sprint vs. Verizon
  38. Sainsbury / Carphone Warehouse scam.
  39. Samsung S307 vs LG 4400
  40. Kyocera 2325 antenna cable
  41. Re: A300 e IrDA
  42. Tall Cellular Towers near Runways & Final Approach Lanes to Airports
  43. ----->> buy cheap phones
  44. xcingular
  45. Sending Email While on the Road
  46. Re: Is there any cellular system that works where I live? (MD)
  48. Question - One number but two phones?
  49. missing imei number on brand new phone and box..??
  50. Re: Current/Previous Tracfone Users!!! I need your advice!
  51. Who uses Verizon's Free Up Prepay?
  52. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of Microwave Oven vs Cellphone
  53. Re: Brand new Nokia 7250
  54. Best Pre-Paid Service?
  55. Coverage in Pacific Palisades
  56. Old OKI Bag Phone Analog Service
  57. News for Blue Toothers......
  58. Motorola Bag Phones (analog only) have a programmable PRL?
  59. Re: "GSM to overtake CDMA in USA"
  60. Re: Are Repeaters worth the cost?
  61. "Bad Service Area" Website
  62. LG VX 4400 download questions
  63. CDMA Motrolla T720 new from Verizon on a Telus Network in Canada
  64. Re: best service for building penetration
  65. USC CDMA Digital Carrier in Southern NH
  66. Best Overall US Coverage ?
  67. CallPlus voicemail features?
  68. Can two phones be put on the same account? Is cloning an option?
  69. Mislead by T-Mobile Rep about cell contract
  70. Laptop and Cellphone?
  71. AK & SD Coverage
  72. Dump US Cellular and go Sprint?
  73. Software
  74. Re: Take over my cell contract & get my GSM phones
  75. Re: lost tracfone booklet with promotion codes
  76. Re: US cell phones in Europe and elsewhere.
  77. Any professional can modify the Japanese CDMA mobile phone to use in US or China
  78. Program a phone to pre dial a number before each call
  79. I heard a ringtone the other day...
  80. Sagem My X-6
  81. TDMA vs GSM
  82. AT&T... think long and hard on this one
  83. Re: Please Help Me Identify This Cellular Phone Battery!
  84. Best Prepaid Service?
  85. Samsung Text Alert info needed
  86. Re: MMF
  87. Can I Sign Up with Old Plans
  88. cell phone antennas?
  89. kyocera software
  90. A new way to earn cash!!
  91. AT&T OR T-mobile Which is Better, Please Help
  92. Teen abduction foiled by cell phone camera
  93. GSM phone "keyboarded" better than Nokia9210
  94. Sprint v. T-Mobile
  95. NEC 808s on 3 To Go
  96. which mobile gives the longest standby time?
  97. Wanted: out-of-the-baox solution to turn on air condioner via mobile phone
  99. Blackberry mfg banned from selling 'til 2012...GIF at 11
  100. ATTWS paging feature with CallPlus
  101. Finding analog service in Rhode Island --OR-- Finding digital car phone
  102. What's the "State of the Art" in phones and plans today?
  103. Nokia 100 - $9.00
  104. Re: GPRS Pricing
  105. samsung n105
  106. Use your cell more safety.
  107. T-Mobile Text Messaging
  108. Panasonic GD 55 in U.S.?
  109. Question on Ultra Classic phone
  110. Re: 882 cellular exchange
  111. Disposable cell phones continue their slow development.
  112. Checking an ESN
  113. Help me buy new cell phone?
  114. Motorola bag phone
  115. Unthinkable: All Wireless Carriers
  116. Re: NY Blackout and Cell Usage
  117. Is Verizon Evil?
  118. Re: Question-What's status of GPS in Cell Phones?
  119. FS: Several old Verizion (Bell Atlantic) analog with 3 watt booster
  120. Re: telco resorces, was: Re: NY Blackout and Cell Usage
  121. Re: GSM Reception Questions
  122. Re: What is the most annoying thing on Usenet
  123. Pre-paid sim in USA
  124. the blackout 2003 is a good thing because the system
  125. Unknown Phone calls
  126. Have you never know about this site of pre-paid sims?
  127. Re: wired telephones, was: Re: NY Blackout and Cell Usage
  128. Cell phones and pacemakers
  129. and now for something completely stupid . . .
  130. re: Your thoughts
  131. GSM coverage in new england (mainly cingular)
  132. GSM time slots: how long?
  133. company/service that doesn't make you buy phone from them
  134. AWS vs. Verizon coverage
  135. Car kits and Ford...
  136. Inventors of WLL
  137. Re: Voice Mail & Cell Phone Both?
  138. Why is shopping for phone service so difficult?
  139. cancel service agreement
  140. multi band phone
  141. CallPlus/Locusmobile with Non-US Address Credit Card
  142. simple, pay-as-you-go, analog service?
  143. Prepaid being offered on eBay
  144. AT&T GSM 850: When?
  145. San Francisco - AT&T or Verizon
  146. Need A Cell Phone? Check these out!!!!
  147. Sprint and Alltel Comparison
  148. Re: AT&T GSM 850: When?
  149. nokia fonesz
  150. cdma dominant over gsm
  151. Ear Mics - BlueTooth or Not?
  152. Cell phone with (written) kanji input?
  153. Any providers other than Sprint that I can use a Sprint phone with?
  154. sells/rents GSM phones and international SIM cards...
  155. Where are the unlimited plans?
  156. Recommend high-end phone withOUT camera?
  157. Re: Unlocking SE T200
  158. Re: Codes for unidentified or private numbers!!!!????
  159. I grew up with Chris Calahan a.k.a. CCCC_1_CCCC
  160. Alltel and Sprint Questions
  161. Re: Verizon PTT - The sales contact...
  162. Black Out-Cellular-Solar
  163. Cell phone and fax machine?
  164. Prepaid Sim Cards in the US???
  165. SIMs
  166. SprintPCS to ATTWS to... SprintPCS??
  167. Hangup Cell Phones
  168. NAM / SID programming for a Audiovox BC-55
  169. South America
  170. O2 and Vodafone Uk
  171. some WAP questions
  172. txt or SMS messaging in US
  173. Re: NEWS: Get Ready for a Wireless Carrier War
  174. Phone OK for abroad
  175. Re: Get Ready for a Wireless Carrier War
  176. Is there anyone actually happy with sprint?
  177. numbers of customers
  178. CDMA vs GSM indoors
  179. cellular suggestions for visit to ireland
  180. Activation
  181. unlocking a LG vx- 10
  182. Boost your cell phone signal.
  183. Boost your cell phone signal.
  184. Re: WAP sites with games
  185. CDMA TDMA GSM iDEN unlock software discussions reverse engineering..
  186. T-Mobile is a nightmare
  187. best SMS provider/service for Treo 600
  188. Re: Where can I get this equipment and service?????
  189. Transfer my current cell number to new carrier - is it true?
  190. any cingular, t-mobile or verizon phones with optical zoom?
  191. Help. 7210 IR problem
  192. Phone Echo
  193. Cricket service - Any good? (Esp. for Tulsa)
  194. Re: Mobile phones 'make you senile'
  195. Virgin Mobile Questions
  196. Re: Want to have fun with customer service? Do this!
  197. Extend America...Extending Technology to Rural Areas
  198. Re: Ohio Users?
  199. Re: Passive repeaters?
  200. cell phone in japan
  201. Cingular GSM in Indiana
  202. What is a level 2 technician
  203. .wav files for ringer
  204. Notice to everyone! Don't open attachments!
  205. Earliest off-peak/night start?
  206. Virgin Mobile Users Poll
  207. Austalia-Cell Service for 30-60 Days
  209. cell phone signal improver cannot work
  210. local call dialing format for Bell Mobility
  211. Cell Email Addresses
  212. any way to improve reception?
  213. frequencies
  214. Fon Nerds.
  215. Re: How do I clear out my old phone number?
  216. US sim cards
  217. Teledesic
  218. Looking for deals on cell phones and accesories
  219. Nokia 5180i Tracfone
  220. Re: Nokia 3650 Leather case, Where to buy?
  221. Desperate hackers
  222. Re: NEWS: Courts Block the NO CALL List!!
  223. Re: Which to get? Sony t69i or Nokia 6310?
  224. Understanding Debug Screen (AVX 9500)
  225. Cell Cases withOUT Clip
  227. Here's a brainteaser for you guys...
  228. The word "dongle"
  229. Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Question
  230. GSM Phones
  231. Few questions about GSM, CDMA, TDMA, PCS1900 etc.
  232. E-mail address for: Metro PCS, Cricket and Tracfone
  233. New Headset Beta Trial!
  234. Re: Exercise your free speech rights!
  235. Handsfree adapters ( earbuds etc ) and radiation ?
  236. groups
  237. Creating a cellular company
  238. Realtime stock quotes
  239. Re: To to get files from PC onto T610 ?
  240. free dct4 unlocking
  241. Cleveland Ohio best GSM carrier?
  242. GSM Activation in San Antonio
  243. JD Power Rankings 2003 for Wireless Carriers
  244. For Sale: 30 Panasonic Duramax Phones
  245. Re: ##?????? for my old phone?
  246. Maybe a Dumb question
  248. A journalist seeks cell phone gamers.
  249. Unlocking Sagem MY-X6
  250. Free O2 SIMS