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  6. Roadside assistance
  7. Re: "10 Things Your Cell Phone Service Won't Tell You" News Article
  8. cingular at Berkeley area
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  10. Re: Wireless Internet Question
  11. Re: Cingular to offer "UNLIMITED" plan for NY callers
  12. Knoxville/gatlinburg GSM market
  13. Re: Roaming Access Numbers, GAIT, and Cingular
  14. Re: Roaming Access Numbers, GAIT, and Cingular
  15. Call forwarding - are you billed for airtime/
  16. Verizon Wireless to not charge a fee for LNP, like ATTws already does...
  17. 90% of what? (coverage)
  18. AOL Instant Messenger
  19. GSM service in Detroit
  20. NEVER USE : Cingular dealer in NJ \ NY area - ELEPHANT WIRELESS
  21. Nokia 6340I deleting messages problem
  22. Re: Who/what is john navas. Does he rule Usenet?
  23. Nokia 7160
  24. S-E T62u & DBA-10 Bluetooth adapter
  25. Anyone know how to reverse *777* on the T62u
  26. Re: Unlimited Text Messaging
  27. Re: thoughts on wireless "number portability"
  28. Re: sonyericson p800
  29. Just about had it, cingular prepaid has an unbelievable amount of downtime!!!
  30. Re: Cingular to Replace ALL TDMA customers' Phones this summer?
  31. Nokia 6340i Question
  32. Nokia 6340i & Cingular Nation
  33. Need some advice
  35. Re: Nokia 3595 - Ericsson T306 - Ericsson T316
  36. Does anyone else have a problem....
  37. Cingular / ATT - Boston
  38. How well does Cingular phones (service) work in NY subway?
  39. where can i get ringtones? (nokia 6161)
  40. Re: GSM in NW Florida
  41. Re: vent on cingular cus. svc.
  42. Motorola V60i and Cingular
  43. When will they have the Nokia 3650???
  44. latest software for th Samsung S307
  45. cingular & t306 internet setup
  46. Spam via text
  47. LI Coverage Question
  48. Re: Overcharged every month - Considering lawsuit - Interested in class action?
  49. Re: Sprint To Retail Qwest Wireless Services?
  50. gsm or tdma or cdma
  51. overall service Cingular wireless in NYC and all other places in the US
  52. Does Cingular Provide Good Service for Louisiana?
  53. Data Connect S/W Necessary?
  54. To stay on True Nation, can I get GSM phone and keep t61 tdma??
  55. Andrew Shephead?
  56. Re: hey John...Re: Attention cingular insiders/employees
  57. Re: Cingular intnl roaming rates reduced - or not?
  58. What is coverage experience with Cingular GSM dual band handsets
  59. Are Cingular and T-Mobile Contracted wth Each Other?
  60. Cingular Nation
  61. t62u, SMS and eMelody emails to my phone
  62. Clueless: Need small phone w/ reception
  63. 6340i and new Nation Plan
  64. Re: Dallas/GSM/Gait
  65. Re: Andrew Shephard?
  66. FA: New Nokia BLB-3 battery (6340i and other models)
  67. Re: Andrew Shepherd?? Re: Sprint To Retail Qwest Wireless Services?
  68. Future Coverage?
  69. GAIT incompatible with new Nation plans
  70. New Nation Plans to be released?
  71. Re: GAIT Phones
  72. Problem with ISP DialUp with my T62u
  73. Re: t616 released??!!??
  74. Boston-Native or Roam
  75. Re: Anyone know the rollout schedule for GSM?
  76. Re: Does anyone activate old bag phones?
  77. Coverage in Columbus, Ohio?
  78. Nokia 1261 = Crap???
  79. Can I use Samsung SPH-I330 with Cingular?
  80. Text messaging
  81. Waptunnel on Cingular
  82. FA: Brand new Nokia battery (model BLB-3)
  83. Re: How does GSM work?
  84. Why didn't Pac Bell get one of the two original 800 Mhz Cellular Licenses?
  85. Nokia 6800 with Cingular (Orlando, FL market)
  86. Cheap case for Nokia 3595
  87. Some incoming calls only blink "CALL" instead of CALLERID on my 6340i.
  88. Re: Cingular roaming in Italy??
  89. Cell Phone Comparisons/Ratings
  90. Re: upgrading the phone
  91. FA: Nokia BLB-3 (new listing)
  92. GSM in St. Louis Market
  93. Re: Call Forwarding under GAIT Plan in Dallas
  94. Re: Cingular-SBC combined billing
  95. Erlang and Chips??
  96. Re: Which is the better technology?
  97. Cingular gave away my new number!!!
  98. CallPlus Newbie
  99. Re: lock\line insurance
  100. Re: rollover minutes (again)
  101. Get a 6340i or keep my 8265?
  102. Cingular and use of V60i as modem
  103. can an analog modem be connected to a Cingular GSM phone?
  104. Voicemail/Pager
  105. Why are U.S. Prepaid GSM SIM Cards so Limited and so Expensive?
  106. Re: Cingular VS SprintPCS
  108. Cingular activation issues.
  109. Re: Locking into GSM
  110. Cingular GSM in Texas(San Antonio)
  111. Unlimited Incoming calls
  112. Re: Nextel
  113. Re: T-Mobile UNLIMITED DATA PLANS $19.99-29.99
  114. TracFone Users Groups
  115. Re: Does Congular have a deal like Virgin?
  116. What kind of BTS hardware does Verizon use in the West?
  117. Siemens A56--anybody using it?
  118. Phones @ A Discount?
  119. Why does Cingular block out "System Selection" option?
  120. Re: Whats the diff. between Cell and PCS license?
  121. Re: 3G
  122. Samsung 307
  123. Any thoughts on Circuit City's announcement to only carry Verizon Wireless and T Mobile as of Aug 1st?
  124. Re: Prepaid SIM card in California
  125. Re: Cell Phone Encryption/Security in The USA
  126. GAIT phones, switching and Cingular
  127. Tall Cellular Towers near Runways & Final Approach Lanes to Airports
  128. Lousy Cingular Wireless Service
  129. Re: Lousy Cingular Wire Service
  130. Voicemail problem
  131. motorola T720 (Cingular) ringtones without subscribing to GPRS (WAP)?
  132. I know why cingular call center reps suck.
  133. xcingular
  134. No GPRS in Los Angeles - Customer service says
  135. Not payong your bill for the last two months of your contract because cingular sucks
  136. Analog Roaming - 6340i
  137. Re: Atlanta on GSM
  138. Re: Cingular Service in Northwest Arkansas...
  140. Re: Cingular 3650 GPRS Dial Up Settings
  141. GPRS roaming
  142. Phones
  143. Cingular phones roaming on other networks?
  144. Best GSM phone for reception.
  145. Nokia 3300
  146. Are there any Cell Techs out there?
  147. Re: Unlimited callings
  148. SIM card for 6340i
  149. Re: Cingular Preferred Nation ???
  150. Re: Even when notified far in advance....
  151. AT&T's SID change screws Cingular users in Southern NH
  152. phones w/ cingular
  153. Wireless Internet Express
  154. Which one is better s307 or t616
  155. Re: Unlocking GSM Phone
  156. Nokia 6340i SIM card in Samsung S307? Will it work?
  157. 6340i in field test mode?
  158. Re: How to report a dead spot - Will it help?
  159. What is schedule for Cingular to start GSM service in South FL
  160. Cingular Satisfaction & Coverage
  161. Problem with my p800 and GPRS.
  163. Re: GAIT and EDGE at ATTWS
  164. help with Nokia 3560 and Cingular
  165. Telling if Cingular service in one's area is 800Mhz or 1900Mhz?
  166. Re: Why do most phones sync so friggin' slowly?!?
  167. No Cingular service in NH since 17jul03
  168. Anyone interested in watching videos on your mobile?
  169. Re: HELP NEWBIE: Nokia 3650, GSM, Atlanta Market, Wireless Internet etc.
  171. Coverage areas
  172. 6340i
  173. Re: San Francisco Bay Area Cellular Comparison Web Site Update
  174. Kansas City, MO. opinions?
  175. Re: Cingular in Utah?
  176. rollover minutes?
  177. VA Coverage - Blacksburg I-81
  178. TDMA vs GSM in Cincinnati ,Ohio
  179. Re: service in Utah
  180. Re: Phone Availability
  181. gsm in new england
  182. PCS service
  183. Merchant account again
  184. I want Cingular
  185. Re: Change in contract
  186. Re: SMS to/from europe
  187. Any Cingular employees on here??
  188. Re: My V60i keeps resetting itself during calls -- help!
  189. Nokia 6340i organizer
  190. Samsung S307
  191. Best cigular phone under 300.00
  192. Service: Philadelphia to State College/Harrisburg Area PA
  193. International SMS
  194. From Verizon to Cingular?
  195. advice on extending contract/upgrading phone
  196. Any flip Gait phones coming out?
  197. Re: t68 Recall?
  198. Re: Connecting to GSM Solved
  199. SE T616
  200. Re: What's the big class action suit that Cingular is trying to duck?
  201. How good is cingular in New York?
  202. TDMA replacement
  203. newspaper articles
  204. Number Portability- When? ~ Phone Transferability- which?
  205. a few more questions on upgrading phone
  206. central New jersey Gsm coverage
  207. What is the email address to request an unlock code?
  208. T720 - Change VM Name?
  209. Preferred Nation verses GSM Nation (with Family Talk extra line)
  210. Re: WAP settings for 3595... cingular is NO HELP AT ALL
  211. Re: Moving to a state without Cingular service -- can I still use phone?
  212. Infrared to USB or serial
  213. Text message to phone question
  214. Cingular National Plans
  215. Looking @ Cingular and have ?'s...Please HELP
  216. Re: Cingular offers TRUE NATION PLAN in California again??
  217. Re: Reporting holes
  218. leaving Sprint - might go Cingular
  219. GAIT
  220. Cingular Extend
  221. Cell towers
  222. Where to get best deal on a new phone by using trade-ins with cingular....
  223. Cingular gets 84 wireless licenses.
  224. E-mailing Cingular
  225. I want to talk to a Cingular Cell/RF engineer
  227. Re: Preferred Nation & Extend
  228. Re: GSM upstate NY
  229. Cell phones in Barbados
  231. How is Cingular in south Cali valley area?
  232. S&P: Cingular Rates an A+
  233. Cingular GSM in Boston, Any Recommendations?
  234. GSM in Houston, TX
  235. Wi-Fi
  236. FYI all kinds of Rate Plans now
  237. "Who Needs 3G? Cingular's Roadmap to High-Speed Data Services"
  238. Re: When did international caller ID start to work?
  239. Re: Cingular service in Barbados & Aruba
  240. IRDA port on S307 phone
  241. Re: Should I get 6340i or T62u as my GAIT phone?
  242. I think T-Mobile is looking to get bought
  243. Re: EDGE Indianapolis
  244. Re: Best camera phone offered by Cingular ?
  245. Superhome plan in NH - comments?
  246. GSM in Destin,Fl
  247. NextWave licenses
  248. SBC To Deploy Wi-Fi Hot Spots In 6,000 Venues, Create Integrated Wi-Fi/3G Service
  249. Sprint PCS phones
  250. Re: Cingular GAIT in California, it is possible.